The time has come, the Walrus said..... say Adios, Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Sayonara, Adeu, etc, etc

Liam Ireland
3 min readJul 29, 2020


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Well the time has come, the Walrus said, to step back a little. To look behind yourself and see how far you have come. To see what, if anything you have achieved.

In my case I have, I think, achieved quite a lot. However, that is simply not good enough. I have not come as far as I wanted to at the beginning.

Four months ago the biggest challenge ever came into my life in the form of the corona virus. My habitual work at that time was teaching and live performance as a singer songwriter musician. I lost both of those means of earning living overnight. To make matters worse I became quite seriously ill. Worse still I was being refused treatment on the basis that my illness wasn’t the corona virus.

Imprisoned, seriously ill in my small apartment in the south of Spain, with no money to pay my bills nor even feed myself, denied medical treatment and forbidden to leave my small den due to the lockdown, I had no option but to leave the country.

When I arrived in Japan I was a complete mess. It was a seventy two hour journey without sleep and in chronic pain. I was broke and broken.

The road to recovery

In all I spent about five painful weeks in quarantine in both Spain and Japan. The difference was the Japanese helped me. I finally got to see an excellent doctor and in no time at all I was on the road to recovery.

I must also pay due respect to my lovely Japanese wife who expertly nursed me back to health with love and tender kindness I had not seen since I was a small child. In my opinion the woman saved my life for which I shall be eternally grateful.

And so here I am, four months on and enjoying full health. Throughout April, May, June and July I have been very very busy trying to get some sort of paying work to ease the financial burden on my wife and to regain my financial independence. Alas it has all been to no avail, at least in the economic sense. Despite four months hard work I have been paid the grand total of just 0.33 cents, less than a bowl of rice ! That is simply just not good enough. My wife has been more than patient far beyond what…



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